Monday, October 21, 2013


Been very busy this couple months doing my thesis. But all the hard works finally paid off. i pass the thesis exam and will have my graduation on Nov 17 (yeayy!). Well then now i have the time to blogging again (finally!), fyi i should've post this on Jun 15. Sorry for this very late post. So then here we go!

Been craving so long for this restaurant, after i saw a pict taken by my friend on instagram, picturing their famous Valrhona Chocolate Marsbar. Setelah gagal ke Publico saat kunjungan ke Commune (1st post), enggak bikin saya menyerah untuk tetap mencoba kesini. Akhirnya sepupu pas banget tiba2 ngajakin pergi, dan saya yang disuruh nentuin tempatnya. Langsung aja sebut "Publico yuk", dan doi setuju-setuju aja. Berangkat jam 5 dari kost saya, kami sampai sekitar pukul 5.40. Deg-deg'an karena takut full reserved seperti waktu itu, akhirnya saya turun ngecek dulu apakah available atau tidak. Dan ternyata ada tempat sampai sekitar pukul 7.30. Langsung deh parkir dan naik ke atas diantar oleh waiter nya.
The restaurant itself is is a three-stories. First floor is their front desk, and there's also a dining area behind the desk (if i'm not mistaken). Second floor all area is for smoking. At that time the third floor was all reserved. 

dining area 2nd floor, and the stairs to third floor

I was so excited and curios to know what's on the menu. And since i saved my belly space since morning to eat here, yes i was very hungry. But still, i spent too much time on the menu just to decide what to eat (bad habit :p ).

My cousin, S, had Green Tea Lemonade and Black Cod Miso for her dinner. While i had Tea Smoke Salmon and Green Tea.
Green Tea Lemonade (30k)
They served this with a scoop of ice cream. My cousin said it was sweet and refreshing.

Crispy Soy Glazed Black Cod (75k)
The fish was cooked well, served with saute mushroom and green beans.

Tea Smoked Salmon (95k)
    Talking about the portion, they served quite generous big and thick salmon. They grilled and seasoned the salmon perfectly and tasted really great that i just couldn't stop eating! Served with wasabi mashed potato and apple salad. I thought the wasabi mashed potato would taste weird, since i don't like wasabi but then it turned out to taste fine and i eat it to the last piece on the plate. The apple salad also tasted fresh and crunchy. This dish also served with some kind of soy sauce but didn't overwhelmed every aspect of this delicious dish. This is a MUST TRY menu when you come to Publico. Yes, i'm a big fan! hahaha.

Our generous dish made us both very full that we couldn't handle dessert, while the main reason why i came here because of their Mars Bars. Hmmff. I might be unlucky this time, but i will definitely come back here to raped their Chilled Varlhona Mars Bars!

Publico Bistro and Winebar
Jalan Senopati No.65 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. Selatan.
Phone : 021 52964960
BB PIN: 2984D5C8
Twitter : @publicojakarta