Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cacaote, Senopati

Well, who doesn't know this heaven for the sweet tooth?? People talk about this place since its opening, and yet still until now. The place itself is really easy to spot by its red-brick color wall and the big sign "CACAOTE" in front of its building. What i can tell you about the place is it's so glamor and elegant from the outside, with big glass door just like if you entered a castle. You can see through the glass door that there's a beautiful chandelier to welcome you inside.

They are two separated areas: the non smoking area at the 1st floor which is more casual along with the cake display, while the smoking area at the 2nd floor is more elegant and classic modern.
stairway to 2nd floor

2nd floor
2nd floor, Bar

As you can see, the second floor area is so much elegant with the wooden floor, dark chairs and sofas. Aside from the desserts, they also have full meals menu. Since i was still full from lunch, me and my girl, A, ordered their cakes and drinks.

Here, i ordered Grapes and Mint Leaf (40k) along with a flawless cake named Coffee and Banana (40k). The drink somehow was a little too sweet for my liking, but yet fresh and suitable for a hot sunny day. It consists of grapes, pear, mint leaf, grape juice, and mojito syrup. And as for the cake, love how flawless the shape ( i need sometime to convince myself just to cut the cake! hahaha), and as you can see the photos  below, there are layers inside the cake. For the taste itself i might say not too sweet, really soft and light, but i can barely taste the coffee.

Grapes & Mint Leaf (40k)

Coffee & Banana (40k)

Finally had the guts to slice this flawles cake!
 My best friend, A, chose Violet (45k) and Matcha Opera (40k). The drink had such a bright purple color and refreshing taste. It consists of grape, red dragon fruit, lemon, cranberry juice, vanilla syrup, and blackberry jam. And for the cake, i couldn't recall the taste since it was hers (sorry...), but what i can remember, they said it was one of their most favorite cake.

Violet (45k)

Matcha Opera (40k)

If i could give another plus point was their service, from the valet service until the service inside the restaurant. I love how they treat their customer. Definitely gave a moment worth to remember for me :)

Coming back? Sure, still have the curiosity about their pretty cakes.

Jln.Senopati Raya no.80, Jakarta Selatan
Open hours: 11AM - 11PM (until 1AM on weekends)
reservation: 021 29306127

facebook : Cacaote
twitter : @Cacaotesenopati
instagram : @cacaotesenopati