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Takigawa - Kuningan City

Hello, fellow readers and bloggers. Long time no see!! Been so busy with all those thesis damn things for the whole two months since the last time i posted. But now i'm free, well only for a while till the thesis defense. But i'm so happy not to deal with those thesis thing for a while.

This visit to Takigawa was just a week after i went to Bandung. I went on a after-work-dinner-date with AG, my friend at work during my internship. Kuningan city is just across my office. AG was craving for Takigawa, so then we went straight there after the office hour.

It was almost empty when we arrived, only a table occupied at the outside of the restaurant. We decided to be seated inside since the outside is for smoking area.

view from where we sit

white chairs is the outside area, smoking area

  Love the interior, they use plastic tags and make them look like fur. And if you decided to be seated outside, you'll have the Satrio street night view, with all those skyscraper buildings around Mega Kuningan.

As we seated, the waiter handed us the menu book and gave us their recommended menu. A few minutes later the waiter gave us each a plate of complimentary food, some kind of mashed potato, while we waited for our food to be served. I like it, i could taste the crunchiness of the chopped onions and the mashed potato itself was fine

sorry for the bad quality picture.
 AG decided to order Chuka Wakame Plate and tempura udon, and i chose Takigawa Roll and Dino Lovers.

Chuka Wakame Plate
 This is actually seaweed salad with vinegar dressing. This was fresh and actually a pretty good choice for appetizer. 

Like any other tempura udon, clear noodle soup with deep fried veggies and shrimp. The tempura itself consists of deep fried onion ring, sweet potato, shrimp and some kind of leaf. Ok but nothing special.
Takigawa Roll
Takigawa's signature Fusion Sushi. Salmon, scallop, crabstick glazed with the house's special sauce, topped with tobiko and duck liver pate.This fushion sushi was delicious. Love every elements of the sushi. Try this when you visit Takigawa, i might say this one is a must try. This dish comes up in two size, i chose the small one, consist of 4 pieces of sushi.

Dino Lovers Roll
Deep fried soft-shell crab with avocado in mayonnaise, topped with grilled eel
Hot Ocha
 And after we finished all the food, i decided to have dessert. I'm craving for some green tea ice cream, so then i ordered it, hoping they gave me a nice one.
Green Tea Ice Cream
And yea this ice cream was quite good, i love the flavor, the bad thing was just there are ice crystals. 

FYI, the other reason why we went here because AG could get 25% discount by using BNI credit card. i don't know if the promotion is still ongoing or not.

Actually this was my second visit to Takigawa. The first one was at Takigawa Citywalk Sudirman, it was a birthday treat lunch, and they fail, so then i decided not to go to Takigawa anymore. Maybe it was just a bad choice from the menu. But the visit this time was like a "make-up" visit and they cleared up their name on my list. I don't mind coming back for their Takigawa Roll.

Takigawa Kuningan City
Kuningan City Mall unit L1-50 Jl Dr Satrio Kav 18 Jakarta
Phone : 021-30480530
Fax : 021-30480531

Operational Hours :
Weekdays : 11:00 am - 21:00 pm
Weekends : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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