Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kitchenette, Senayan City

Been so busy lately and almost losing my appetite to blog, here i'm back on board. I do have so many reviews to write and i hope you guys have the same excitement as i am to share my happiness by eating great food :)

well, i should've post this one just right after my last post (Publico), but then i couldn't have the time to write. But yea better late than never right?? (alesan... :p )

Ismaya is expanding their restaurants branch all over the malls. This Kitchenette is their newest Kitchenette branch, after Plaza Indonesia, Central Park, and Bali Beach Walk. And this was my second visit here. The first visit was really a disappointment.  The service was really bad. Me and my friend had to wait for around 45minutes for our food to be served, and unluckily my friend's order was sold out, and they informed us after we waited for 45MINUTES! Ckck. Then i complained, and they decided to give me a voucher as their apology for the bad service.

So then i came there to redeem the voucher with my roommate,F, they give me a 100k voucher for f&B at their senayan city branch, but i couldn't use them that day because i already ordered their buy one get one Elixir. The voucher couldn't be use with another promo.
Well, they did improved their service. We got our food served in appropriate time and nothing was missed. Even i couldn't use the voucher, i felt happy for the service. 

We chose the galettes combo menu. F decided to have Chicken and Avocado salad aside with her Gusteau Galettes , while i had tomato soup and Leon Galettes.

Chicken and Avocado Salad (+25k, galette combo)

The salad itself consists of mushroom, avocado, chicken, baby spinach, tomato, and the one that looks like fried meatball was actually potato ball (i named it by myself. hahaha)

Gusteau Galette (66k)
Gusteau is savory crepes consists of mozzarella cheese, rosemary, bacon (hers was pork bacon), and roast potatoes. It's moist yet crunchy and the amount of cheese was just right. The roast potatoes was crispy and well seasoned.

Tomato soup (+25k, galette combo)
My tomato soup, surprisingly, has a poached egg in it and also tomato chunks. I never eat any tomato soup before, but this one tasted ok, sweet yet sour at the same time.

Leon (65k)

And as for the Leon Galette, consists of saute chili spinach, lyonnaise sausage (mine was pork), and mozzarella cheese. The sausage was too dry and a bit to tough to chew for my liking. The saute spinach was way to salty when i ate it straight, but when i ate it together with the galette, they're beautifully suited each other.

As for the thirst quencher, we ordered Pinacolada and Lychee Berries Frozen Elixir

Pinacolada (40k)
Well, this pinacolada tasted pretty awkward for me. It's a mix of pineapple juice and coconut milk.

Lychee Berry Frozen Elixir (40k)
Watch out! Don't dare to smile too wide after drinking this elixir. Hahaha. But it's amazingly refreshing for hot weather.

What i love from going here is actually because of their Choco Molten Cake. It's a dessert to die for. But i was too full to have dessert, and last week when i went there (May 10th, 2014) unfortunately,  they changed the dessert, no more choco molten cake. too bad. But hey they have a lot of new menus to try. Will definitely write about them any time soon.

1. Plaza Indonesia - 1st Floor (Jakarta)
Phone : 62 21 2992 3580
Sunday-Thursday: 10:00-23:00, Friday-Saturday: 10:00-00:00

2. Central Park Mall - Tribeca Park (Jakarta)Phone : 62 21 2920 0260
Sunday-Thursday: 10:00-23:00, Friday-Saturday: 10:00-00:00

3. Senayan City - Ground Floor (Jakarta)Phone : 62 21 2932 9250
Sunday-Thursday: 10:00-23:00, Friday-Saturday: 10:00-00:00

4. Beachwalk Ground Floor - Kuta (Bali)Phone : 62 361 8464 937
Sunday-Thursday: 09:00-23:00, Friday-Saturday: 09:00-00:00

Website : http://www.ismayagroup.com/kitchenette
Facebook : K1TCHENETTE
Twitter : k1tchenette

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