Thursday, July 24, 2014

Garcon - Bistro & Bar, Plaza Senayan

The french bistro, bar and patisserie located in Plaza Senayan, just under the cinema on the 4th floor. Garcon means "exploring the delights of youth". Been curios about this place for quite sometime, and then one fine afternoon i made it to went there with one of my friend, C, and my cousin, S. 

Love the interior and the atmosphere. When we arrived, the place was almost packed. The area itself is separated to two areas, smoking and non smoking. There's also tables with high chairs near the bar. When you first enter the place, your eyes will be spoiled by the long cake display. They have various kinds of eclairs and cakes. And i was like "i want each one of them!!" :p

The price itself is more to the high side. And since we had lunch before, we only order appetizer and cakes. It took quite a long time for us to choose one of the beautiful cakes. Geez. And finally i chose Rocher Monaco along with Ice Lemon Tea, while C was in love with the Angeline cake and Peppermint Tea, and S went with Gateau Au Fromage Blanc with Ice Peach Tea. And for the snack, we agreed to have their Calamari Ring from the appetizer menu.

all of our orders
Gateau Au Fromage Blanc (35k)
This one is rare cheese cake with passion fruit sauce. The combination between the cheese cake and the passion fruit sauce was superb!

Rocher Monaco (38k)
This sexy baby was mine. My first impression after my first dig in was like eating a ferrero rocher chocolate. Intense chocolate and hazelnut flavor, with rice krispies and pie base. But unfortunately, tasted a little too sweet for me.

Calamari Ring (60k)
For me this calamari ring was perfect. It was crispy, not greasy, well seasoned, and both of the sauce brought the calamari to a different level.

Ice Lemon Tea (35k)

Ice Tea (35k) + add Peach Flavor (10k)

Well as you can see the photos above, the Angeline cake and Peppermint Tea individual photos were missing (sorry..)

What i can say about Garcon? You can't expect the price on the low side when you decide to dine at any french bistro. But they offer pretty good deals for the cakes as you can see in the cake display. They also offer quite a wide selection for pastries. 

Will i pay a second visit? I can say "sure.." with a wide smile. I'm curious to try their colorful eclairs and some other cakes. 

Garcon - Bistro and Bar 
Plaza Senayan, 4th floor, Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta
Opening hours:
Mon - Thurs : 10:00 - 0:00
Fri - Sat        : 10:00 - 2:00
Sunday         : 10:00 - 0:00
Phone: 021 57900140
Facebook: Bistro-Garçon
Twitter : @bistrogarcon 
Website :

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