Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Shabu Ghin, Wolter Monginsidi

Luckily selected as one of the lucky guests to be invited on their opening day. Here is a new addition to your culinary-list around South Jakarta. Newly opened just across 711 Wolter Monginsidi. They provide free valet parking but well just like other restaurants around the area, the parking space was limited.

The first thing that caught my attention was their buffet bar, like smoking hot! Beside the vegetables, assorted seafood balls, they provide some ready-to-eat food like sushi, bolognese ramen, chap chae, assorted fried food, gyuudon, and desserts. Also there are a lot of choices of dipping sauce.

Buffet Bar

Sneak Peak of their buffet bar

To get started, we have to choose whether to have set menu style or all-you-can-eat style. For AYCE, you'll be given 90 minutes. After that, we have to choose the meat. There are 3 choices of meat which are Special, Premium, and Wagyu. Then they faced us to make a difficult decision: what to have for the SOUP. There are 5 kind of soup offered: Original Konbu (sweet-salty), Spicy Seafood (spicy of course), Chicken Mizutaki (chicken broth), Spicy Tonyu (curry like), and Sukiyaki (sweet). If you choose the AYCE style, it includes drinks (tea, soft drink, mineral water, sjora, milo, minute maid).

There are 3 AYCE option that you can choose:
Course 1: Shabu Ghin Special Beef: normal IDR 188k for adult // 115k for Children or Senior
Course 2: Shabu Ghin US Premium Beef: normal IDR 238k for adult // 145k for Children or Senior
Course 3: Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef: normal IDR 388k for adult // 235k for Children or Senior

We had the Course 3 Package, so we had the humble chance to try all of their choices of meat. The special beef had less fat, while the premium one had more fat, more playful texture. The bomb was the Wagyu (no doubt!) It has that melt-in-the-mouth texture (my stomach started to growl while i was remembering the taste <3 )

Special Beef

Premium US Beef
Wagyu Beef
Our Table

I tried to arrange our table beautifully, but well.....pardon our messy table. Clockwise from right bottom: the meat (white plate: premium beef; right: wagyu beef; left: special beef) - veggies, udon, tofu, and meatballs - spicy tonyu soup - dipping sauces - chicken mizutaki soup)

Special Beef paired with Chicken Mizutaki soup
The dipping sauces (clockwise upper left): Genghis Khan Sauce - Gomadare Sauce - White Rice - Garlic Fried Rice - Spicy Suki Sauce - Ponzu Sauce. Favorite? Gomadare - Ponzu - Genghis Khan. I made my own version of enhanced Ponzu Sauce, consists of Garlic, Daikon, Chili, Spring Onions, and Goma. Delicioso!

For the first round, i had the Chicken Mizutaki soup while JuicyJelly had Spicy Tonyu. For us, the Chicken Mizutaki soup was great with all the dipping sauces. If you're the type of person who likes to dip the meat in sauces, this one will suits you well.
Spicy Tonyu Soup paired with Premium Beef

While Spicy Tonyu Soup tasted good already, no need to use dipping sauces IMO. The texture was curry like, a bit spicy, and milky. This one was my favorite!

For second round, we had Original Konbu and Spicy Seafood. Original Konbu almost tasted like Chicken Mizutaki but less salty. Spicy seafood tasted like Chicken Mizutaki in Spicy version. Both still went well with dipping sauces.

Left: Original Konbu  ;  Right: Spicy Seafood

And here are some of the ready-to-eat that we got from the buffet bar. Love the Fried Chicken and Salad. But too bad the tempura was too greasy and the Sushi didn't work for me :(
Clockwise, upper left: Bolognese ramen - sushi - salad - fried chicken and tempura - fruits and jellies

Soup-wise (starts from my favorite one):
- Spicy Tonyu
- Chicken Mazutaki
- Konbu
oh well, i will try their sukiyaki soup as soon as i got the chance to be back here. For now, let it be a mystery. Anyway, if you want to add more soup or change it, you can just pay additional charge for 29k. If don't, you have the one-time soup refill with fish stock.

- Wagyu (oh i mean..of course!)
- Special Beef
- Premium Beef

Beside this AYCE style, you can also have their set menu.

Overall, i love how they offer such different options of soup, their buffet table has a pretty wide range of ingredients to choose, and also a very good quality of meat! Although it's kinda pricey, but you'll get what you pay. no regrets :)

Shabu Ghin
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 53, Senopati
Weekdays: 11AM - 3PM and 6PM to 10PM
Weekends: 11AM - 11PM
RSVP: 021- 7201667 / 7202336
Instagram: @shabughin

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