Monday, May 13, 2013

Canteen, Plaza Indonesia

(This is a pending review since 3 weeks ago.)

Me and my friend, W, decided to meet at Plaza Indonesia after work. Unfortunately it was raining hard and so it was so hard to get the transportation. I waited almost 45minutes just to get angkot from ITC Ambasador. Then i decided to take ojek to the busway station and took busway to avoid traffic around Bunderan HI. And finally i arrived around 7PM at Plaza Indonesia, met W at the bus stop in front of Plaza Indonesia and went straight to Canteen, since we both so hungry.

You can access Canteen by passing through Zenbu or aksara. By the time we arrived, the restaurant was packed but we still managed to get a table. The dining area seperated into 2 areas, smoking and no smoking, but located side-by-side. They offer quite a wide selection of food and beverages. There are appetizer, salad, pasta, steak, rice, soup, dessert, mocktail, cocktail, tea, etc). And they have cocktail promo, buy 1 for 2, but we're not in the mood for cocktails.

After browsed the menu for a while, we ordered:

Seafood Ravioli with Beurre Noisette accompanied with Coke (20k) for W, and

Seafood Ravioli (75k)

Salmon Linguini accompanied with Peach Ice Tea for me

Salmon Linguini (75k)

This dish taste ok, but nothing special. The cream sauce was creamy enough, al dente pasta with chopped almond, smoke salmon, and grilled zucchini 
Peach Ice Tea (35k)
Peach Ice Tea served with mint leaves and basil seeds (selasih)

This was my second visit, and even after this visit, for me Canteen is a good place to hangout and have a couple drinks, but still not a place to eat (pricey 'ok but nothing special" food). Or maybe it was just my bad lucks, picking wrong menus? Well then, i hope the next time, i will be lucky

Plaza Indonesia
5th Floor #E02-E10
Phone number: +62-21 315 6537
Fax: +62-21 319 01149

In Pacific Place:
4th Floor SCBD
Phone number: +62-21 579 73742
Fax: +62-21 579 73754

Twitter : @canteenjakarta
Price : $$$ ( Expensive )

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